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DJ Gerace

DJ Gerace

Since his start on the East Coast during Hip Hop’s Golden Era, Gerace has been looking for ways to constantly reinvent the music he is playing. “We’re all playing the same songs…DJing is about what you do with them” he says. That mantra led him to LA, where he found new sounds, open-mindedness and a new audience to test his unique and often obscure style. He drew on his early influences to create genre-twisting mixes that seamlessly transitioned between old and new school. Using skills honed as a turntablist cutting up records and extending breakbeats, he pumped up his West Coast sets with an East Coast flair that set him apart.
Whether spinning Hip-Hop at a lounge in SoHo or EDM for A-listers on Hollywood Boulevard, Gerace leaves the crowd sweating with excitement and anticipation. His raw, freestyle sets are created on the fly, working out the details of every song and every beat with precision and purpose. That same bold and daring spirit resonates with him in the studio as well. His mixtapes, bootlegs and remixes defy all rules, break down barriers and change the way you experience music. Gerace can make you love a song that you never liked and dance to a song that once made you cry. You never know what he is going to play next, and neither does he.


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